UK Locations

Daily hire video conferencing rooms are available in Manchester City Centre and South Manchester.

Suitable for boardroom style or individual use, we operate the latest video conferencing equipment with the ability to provide document scanning, Power Point presentations and video recording of meetings.

All are fitted out to the highest standard and we can provide refreshments or other requirements at the outset of any event. Staff are available on site daily to accommodate any other immediate needs.

Worldwide Locations

Need to hire a video conference room internationally?

You can link from the UK to just about anywhere in the world.

We can make it easy for you to join a virtual meeting with our database of more than 3000 video conference rooms around the globe including 200 in the UK and 600 in the USA.

Even if your clients and associates do not have video conference facilities there is likely to be a room they can hire from our database.

We can discuss your video conference requirements, confirm all details and any extra special requirements you may have. You do not need to waste time checking availability, prices and technical issues – we do all that for you.

All studios are available to hire by the hour and are equipped with professional video conference equipment.

All we need to know is the city or town you wish to reach with post or zip code, the person attending and their contact telephone number or email address. If you do not have your own video conferencing equipment we can find a facility to hire near you and provide both rooms for hire.