Benefits & Savings

In today’s competitive climate everybody needs to reduce cost, expense and waste. Working smarter rather than harder is the key to profitability.

Reduced Stress

Video Conferencing minimises the need for stressful time consuming journeys.

Travel and Accommodation Cost Savings

The costs of out of office meetings can be considerable. Video Conferencing significantly reduces the need for air, rail or road travel along with their associated accommodation expenses.

Time Savings

In a business environment where time is money and competition fierce Video Conferencing allows you to be far more efficient without losing any of the nuances of an “in person” meeting.

EU & Government Legislation

In due course, UK government and International legislation – in particular the Working Time Directive and travel allowances in relation to carbon emissions – will come to affect all of us, both corporately and privately. Companies will feel the effects of travel and associated costs more acutely.

Cost Reduction Strategies

If you have been charged with finding a cost reducing idea or are formulating a cost reduction strategy for your organisation, you should consider the benefits that video conferencing can provide. In particular the benefits that cloud services can bring to the SME market.

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