Cloud Solutions

The basic model for Video Conferencing for both Private and Public users has changed forever.

Although both networks and Video Conference equipment have evolved considerably, the common factor is that the majority of users installed Video Conference room systems connected at one time to ISDN and now to IP networks.

The world is now experiencing a paradigm shift as technology is enabling computer users to take part in high-quality Video Conferences without the need for Video Conference rooms. However, the need for individuals and groups to meet using Video Conference rooms will still exist and the challenge is how to integrate and fulfil the needs of all parties.

As more and more users request access to a Public Room from their personal computers, how will they fill that need? What technology is available? How easy is it to employ?

A Video Conferencing Service for the future

The VC Cloud service is a highly flexible and scalable video conference solution which overcomes interoperability issues associated with multiple conference access.

The service enables simple, high quality video meetings to take place from beyond the boardroom. It can enable non-scheduled instant conferencing whereby each participant can simply dial into a meeting room and be joined together in seconds.

Clients can now hold HD Multi Point conferences without barriers, include ISDN callers, integrate any PC or Mac user, allow video calls into meetings via Smartphone or Tablet and incorporate reporting, monitoring and management of meetings.

VC Cloud solutions are simple to deploy, making instant high definition video collaboration available to anyone, anywhere and at any time and with direct access to our UK based technical team your meeting is only ever a few clicks away..


  • Connect unlimited PCs and MACs to standard videoconferencing systems with no special downloads
  • Connect mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones or tablets
  • Connect Microsoft Lync and SKYPE to your videoconferences
  • Share your computer desktop with the click of a button
  • Upload and share powerpoint slides
  • Chat interface allows you to talk with individual users or an entire conference
  • Stream videoconferences to viewers on the Internet
  • Record videoconferences directly through the cloud
  • With the ability to bring all these capabilities together Video Conferencing 2000 and VC Cloud can help you propel your business forward using exciting new video conferencing technologies, even within our changing business landscape.

We would welcome being able to discuss your videoconferencing needs and provide a demonstration of the cloud technologies we now employ.