Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

Video Conferencing can play a vital role supporting business continuity during a major setback.

When unexpected or even catastrophic events occur, businesses must protect their employees and continue critical operations that support their communities. To protect any business, whatever size, planning is essential. Industry leaders, Local Government and Vital Service operators must understand the strategic importance of a solid continuity plan.

Properly organised planning focuses on multiple aspects of any business or operation, making sure it can recover the technology and processes required to operate after an unforeseen failure in normal operations.

Basic business continuity should ensure that essential functions up and running during a disaster and that the business should recover with as little downtime as possible.

A business continuity plan considers various unpredictable events, such as natural disasters, fires, disease outbreaks, cyber-attacks and other external threats.

The three key elements are: Resilience, Recovery and Contingency.

Continuity – (A key feature of Cloud Based Video Services)

Business continuity is probably the single most important element in the smooth running of a Company when interruptions occur.

The latest developments in fully interoperable video systems enable companies to bring together large numbers of employees from remote locations in one main meeting. Video Conferencing services can enable them to share discussion and vital data no matter what operating system they may have chosen to use in their personal lives.

As experts in the field, Video Conferencing 2000 can enable companies to rapidly bring together large numbers of staff through one portal using a simple “Link” or “Call to Action”.

This highly significant step forward can prove crucial where employees are unable to attend a specific workplace, office or meeting for whatever reason.

Services to meet these demands can be arranged contractually for daily, monthly or for longer periods of time.